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About the Medialab

New media, also known as digital media, have become an integral part of the world. We live in a rapidly changing world where more information is readily available to us than ever before. Knowledge changes rapidly, information is coming to us from all sides for free by telephone, TV and Internet, and we ourselves affect media more and more. We can zap, chat, mail, game, blog and tweet any hour of the day and almost anywhere. We send each other text messages but also photos, videos and animations, at least if we know how to make them.
Additionally, social media like Twitter and Facebook have taken foothold in our society. They have changed the way we keep in touch, have given it a new dimension. In short, the advent of the internet and mobile telephony have a fundamental impact on the way we work, learn and live together.The Medialab aims to contribute to skills that everyone needs in order to conquer a place in this new digital world, because these skills do not come easily – contrary to what is sometimes believed. The Medialab is up to date and works with the latest equipment and good teachers. We pay special attention to youth. They will increasingly live in a digital world and desperately need education in the ICT-area. But the Medialab is open for everyone!


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