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Date(s) - 12/11/2014
15:00 - 18:00

Philipsburg Jubilee Library


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Want to create a fun animation movie with you as the star? You will learn to do that in this workshop.

You can align your education curriculum with the subject of the movie, for example world orientation, technical subjects or nature. This is an exciting way to introduce a subject and familiarize the students with this aspect of new media.

In this workshop, we focus specifically on travelling and learning about different countries. We will begin by choosing a country from every continent. Then from every country a city, and from this city a distinctive, beautiful or otherwise striking building, imagine the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the Empire State Buliding in New York. We will then look for photos of this building. Then we will set about drawing a means of transport: a train, a car, a plane, a rocket, anything goes. Then it is time to make yourself the character of your own movie.

In this workshop we will make our drawings, photos and character move in front of a green screen. We will cut out the windows of the buildings so that when you stand behind the drawing of it we can see your face, and it looks like you’re sitting inside the building. Then we will film our scenes against the green screen.

Because the area around the vehicle and the character is green, we can use a technique called chromakey. This technique is often used in the movie world when a subject is filmed against a green or blue background. Using the computer, you can then make the background transparent so that the filmed character or object can be placed against a different background. Once we have filmed our scene we will edit it on  the computer.

Finally, we will look for music; preferably a small piece from every country we visit and will add this music to the film in a fun way.

By doing this, we can make a trip around the world in which we learn about the various countries and cities, as well as and about architecture and music. When we are finished we will put the final result online.

Watch this video to get an idea:

Duration: 3 hours
Teacher: Martin Soeters


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