Headline hunting: turn old media into new media

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Date(s) - 19/11/2014
09:00 - 12:00

Philipsburg Jubilee Library


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Working with your classmates, you will scan a newspaper for intriguing headlines. What do they invoke? Surprise? Outrage? Humour? Grief? Thinking about this, we get down to work and make our own puppet ‘headline-head’. We are going to tell a story with the puppet and tape it on film.

Without reading the article that the headline comes from, we will make up our own story from the headline. We will work in pairs or in threes. The children have to justify their choice of puppet head: why did they choose that specific one and what will they do with it? This helps them to think creatively and helps them look at the news in a different way. What does the headline mean and what feelings does it provoke?

What do we learn? To make a simple doll, make up a short story, and film it without the need for editing. The final result will be put online.

See also: http://spelmetpoppen.nl/m5.html

Duration: 3 hours
Teacher: Martin Soeters http://www.raafopreis.nl/martin-soeters.html
Age: 8-14


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